Mark Cuban: One Of Trump’s Female Family Members Rolled Her Eyes At Something He Said During The Debate

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09.30.16 6 Comments
Hillary Clinton Clinton And Donald Trump Face Off In First Presidential Debate At Hofstra University

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Mark Cuban may have been Hillary Clinton’s secret weapon during the first presidential debate this week, as she claims having him front and center to witness the spectacle helped to unsettle her opponent Donald Trump. (Well, beyond how his own complete lack of preparation affected his performance, anyway.) Following the debate, Cuban lambasted the Republican candidate over his claims that not paying federal income taxes “made him smart.”

But that wasn’t Cuban’s only take away from Monday’s debate. According to Page Six, Cuban claims that he actually saw one of Trump’s female family members noticeably roll her eyes after something he said during the scrimmage.

At the Advertising Week New York conference, Cuban — who declined to identify which Trump it was because he didn’t “want to bust them” — said, “There was a point where he said something, and this family member just rolled their eyes, and she saw that I had seen it.”

He added that while Hillary Clinton and her family lingered after the discussion to greet supporters, as soon as it was over it was “exit stage left immediately” for the Trumps.

Of the three female Trumps in attendance that night, there were Melania, Ivanka, and Tiffany, so begin making your wild speculations now. Although, honestly, it’s probably not that difficult to figure out.

(Via Page Six)

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