CNN’s Mary Katherine Ham Tearfully Addresses Her Husband’s Tragic Death

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07.06.16 2 Comments


On the latest episode of “Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend,” former Fox News contributor and current CNN political commentator Mary Katherine Ham returned to the podcast to discuss her husband’s tragic death last fall and the aftermath of the loss. Ham was married to White House aide Jake Brewer who was hit by a car during a charity bike race and killed in the accident. At the time, Mary Katherine was 7 months pregnant with the couple’s second child which she eventually named in Jake’s honor – Garnet, after a canyon that the pair once hike together during Ham’s first pregnancy, and J as a middle initial.

On the podcast, Mary Katherine emotionally revealed her thoughts when she first heard of the accident and Brewer’s passing.

“When I heard something had happened, that there was an accident, I was in the driveway of my parents house, and there was a text saying that there had been an accident. I thought – #1 He’s a great cyclist. If anyone can mitigate an accident, it’s Jake …. and even if he can’t mitigate it, he is so healthy that he will give them time to save him. And it turned out that that was not the case.”

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