Meet The High School Teacher From Oklahoma That Showed Up Drunk And Pantsless On Her First Day

08.06.14 5 years ago 17 Comments

Normally when your teacher shows up to school drunk, you expect it to be later in the school year when stress has built up a bit. You certainly don’t expect it to happen on the first day.

That’s exactly what Lorie Hill decided to do on her first day on the job at Wagoner Public Schools in Oklahoma. On top of that, Hill decided that wearing  pants was optional when she ventured out to work. Fine choices all around. From Fox 23:

The woman, Lorie Hill, was a newly hired teacher for Wagoner Public Schools. She was found by two other teachers in the classroom on the first day back at school for teachers.

Police said Hill admitted she had been drinking, police said they found an empty cup in her car.

Wagoner Police Chief Bob Haley tells FOX23 that even though evidence of alcohol consumption was found in Hill’s car, there was only enough evidence to arrest her for public intoxication. He said there isn’t a credible witness to prove that Hill drank at her house in Claremore and then commuted to Wagoner under the influence.

The school hasn’t released on a statement on punishment for Hill, but judging from the citizen reaction, I think it’s going to be a light slap on the wrist. I don’t think I’d want her working at my school, but maybe I’m harsh. Maybe I should side with the guy who went from a whole year suspension to just a half a year in a matter of seconds.

If anything, reinforce the school pants policy. Make sure this lady doesn’t unleash the demons inside her pants again, especially once the students show up.

(Via Fox 23)

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