An NBC-Owned Station In Newtown Will Not Air Megyn Kelly’s Controversial Interview With Alex Jones

06.17.17 9 months ago 4 Comments


NBC still hasn’t found any easy way out of the pickle it got into with Megyn Kelly’s interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. The Infowars founder is one of the most visible proponents of the theory that the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting is a hoax. While the network hasn’t yanked the interview yet—even though it’s losing advertisers—Sandy Hook parents are threatening to sue, Jones is threatening to release his own cut of the interview, and there’s apparently a leaked version already floating around the internet. But the NBC-owned Newtown station WVIT has taken an official position on the matter and will not be airing the interview out of consideration for the families whose children died in the massacre.

Since Jones began peddling the hoax narrative, Sandy Hook parents have been put through the emotional ringer. He’s accused them of being government-paid actors performing their grief for the benefit of a gun control conspiracy. As the hoax gained more believers, grieving Sandy Hook parents have received death threats and wild accusations of selling their children into trafficking rings to hide the truth that they are actually alive. Mother Nelba Márquez-Greene, whose daughter Ana Grace was one of the children killed, has blasted Megyn Kelly for giving Jones’ a broader platform, and has tried to express on Twitter the toll the conspiracy theory has taken on parents already coping with an unimaginable loss.

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