Megyn Kelly Speaks Out Against Donald Trump On ‘Anderson Cooper 360’

Features Writer
11.16.16 5 Comments

As the release date for her new memoir, Settle For More, comes closer, Megyn Kelly is coming out swinging against men who want to drag her through the mud. On Wednesday’s edition of CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, Kelly opened up about the threats that Donald Trump made to her following her debate question regarding his treatment of women. Kelly claims that his following comments were a “veiled threat” and following his “blood coming out of wherever” comments, all hell broke loose, prompting her to increase her security for a full year.

“We had security guards the whole year. The threat level got so high that it was impossible not to take that seriously. It’s not like I was walking around actively believing that someone was going to necessarily try something, but it was high enough that we had to take it seriously.”

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