Megyn Kelly Will Reportedly End Her ‘Today’ Show Hour Following Her Blackface Comments

10.24.18 7 months ago 35 Comments

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When NBC hired former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly in early 2017, she was surely a ticking time bomb. When was she going to say something controversial? As it turns out, she made it about a year-and-a-half without saying something so extreme that she even accrued the wrath of her eternally kind colleague Al Roker.

After Kelly’s comments on Tuesday on her morning show Megyn Kelly Today, in which she seemed to defend blackface, the blowback was severe. First social media attacked her. Then her colleagues. Then her boss, NBC news chairman Andy Lack. Kelly wound up apologizing, first via e-mail then on-air, which would have never happen on Fox News. Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Kelly is expected to wind down her show completely, a source told the publication Tuesday night.

The incident came during a roundtable (with an all-white panel) about potentially offensive Halloween costumes. The discussion of white people dressing up in blackface came up. Kelly, known for airing questionable racial comments, wasn’t against it.

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