Watch Megyn Kelly Completely Own Newt Gingrich After He Accuses Her Of Being Obsessed With Sex

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10.25.16 21 Comments

Tuesday evening grew confrontational on The Kelly File. Trump surrogate Newt Gingrich and Megyn Kelly spent a few minutes arguing about polls, and then the above clip went down. Gingrich wasn’t thrilled with discussing Donald Trump’s lewd commentary about grabbing women’s genitals without consent. Nor did he wish to dissect the wave of allegations from women, and Kelly pointed out that she has no choice but to cover the story. Gingrich countered that the media spends too much time on Trump and not enough time on Hillary Clinton’s speeches to bankers about open borders.

At that point, Gingrich bizarrely concluded that Kelly was obsessed with sex and didn’t care about public policy. Kelly — with side eye intact — one-upped him by saying that the American people should know the history of a prospective president, and then Gingrich jabbed at Kelly for being afraid of “sexual predators.” And of course, he brought in Bill Clinton’s history of extramarital affairs, despite Kelly arguing that she’s covered all of the stories he’s tossing her way as examples of what the media ignores. The bottom line, Kelly says, is that Bill Clinton is not running for president, but Trump is.

These two video clips show much of the exchange. The second one ends with Kelly telling Gingrich, “Take your anger issues and spend some time working on them.” And in return, Gingrich could only tell Kelly, “…. and you too.”

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