Megyn Kelly Speaks With O’Reilly Accuser Juliet Huddy On Her Career After Fox News: ‘I’m Terrified’

10.23.17 2 years ago

Megyn Kelly sat down with sexual harassment accuser Juliet Huddy, after opening her hour of Today on Monday with an impassioned segment on the latest sexual harassment bombshell regarding Fox News and Bill O’Reilly — in that the network renewed his contract a month after he settled with legal analyst Lis Wiehl to the tune of $32 million. Huddy likewise settled with the former Fox News host out of court for what was reported to be a “high-six-figure settlement,” accusing O’Reilly of trying to end her career in retaliation for rebuffing his advances.

Huddy wasn’t able to reveal too many details about her case due to signing an NDA, but she did provide insight on why many women agree to be silenced. “Again, you’re dealing with a corporation filled with people who are going to do anything they possibly can to make sure that they win and you don’t,” she stated. “And if you’re just a woman who made $100,000 a year and you’ve got bills to pay and things going on, you have to worry about facing bad press and all that, you have to think about your future, and some people just want to make it go away and just move on with their lives.”

When asked if she’s still scared today, Huddy admitted, “I’m terrified. I’m actually terrified and I’m about to cry.”

As far as women “moving along with their lives,” at the end of the interview Huddy provided an update to that effect. “Women think they’re going to be torpedoed, their careers are going to be torpedoed and they could potentially be torpedoed if you have the right machine behind you coming from the company’s point of view,” she said. Responding to Kelly’s question of whether or not she has another job, Huddy bluntly answered “no,” fighting back tears.

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