Megyn Kelly Fires Shots At Trump While Pointing Out Twitter’s Hypocrisy Over Suspending Rose McGowan

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10.13.17 9 Comments

Megyn Kelly kicked off her hour of Today on Friday morning by discussing the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault scandal, as well as Weinstein’s outspoken victim Rose McGowan getting temporarily suspended from Twitter for violating the social media platform’s terms of service by posting a private phone number. Kelly was not having Twitter’s nonsense however, and took a moment of (sort of) get political again to call out the overt hypocrisy.

“Now one can understand Twitter’s strict adherence to its rules, right? I mean those are the rules, you can’t post phone numbers,” she noted. “Rules like the ones that don’t allow one person to harass another on Twitter. Rules that don’t allow them to incite harassment again another. Rules that don’t allow one person to threaten another,” she continued, and I think we can see where she’s going with this now.

“Now who do we know that’s ever done that on Twitter,” she quipped. “No, not him! … Well, him too. Not him, but his attorney.” Kelly went on to point out that during the 2016 presidential election, after the first debate, Donald Trump’s longtime lawyer Michael Cohen retweeted a threat directed at her, encouraging people to “gut her.” And surprise, surprise, Twitter did nothing to enforce its own rules in that incident — or in countless others, for that matter, of women being harassed and threatened online.

It’s unclear what “Fox News Megyn Kelly” would have had to say on the subject, but I think we can all get behind her when she finished her thoughts with a resounding, “Twitter, do better!”

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