Melania Trump Sent A Nice Letter To Pamela Anderson And Her Signature Looks Suspiciously A Lot Like Her Husband’s

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05.03.17 16 Comments

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When Pamela Anderson is not sharing her love letters to Julian Assange and visiting him at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, she’s crusading on behalf of PETA. First and foremost, Anderson lobbies for the organization’s anti-fur agenda, and what better way to promote the cause than to send a faux-fur coat to First Lady Melania Trump, who has (historically) shown herself to be a big fan of real-fur coats?

That’s exactly what Pamela did. She collaborated with a Russian “faux-fur manufacturer” to create a custom-designed faux-fur coat for Melania. You can see the garment here — it’s supposedly a “lamb-look” coat, although the finer fashion details aren’t important. What is relevant is that Pam tweeted out a lovely thank-you note from Melania.

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