Now That She’s All Moved In, The Internet Has Some Ideas On How Melania Trump Will Update the White House

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06.14.17 3 Comments

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As the special investigation into a possible obstruction of justice continues, the American people on both sides of the aisle can’t look away from the train wreck that is Trump’s administration. However, the depressing nature of politics these days has left many scrambling to find some sort of distraction. Enter our First Lady.

Melania Trump has finally joined her husband in the White House now that their son, Barron, has finished his school year in New York City. On top of taking a major financial burden off of the residents of NYC, Melania’s presence has also given Twitter some new fodder for the next great hashtag: #MelaniaUpdatesTheWH.

While many enjoyed the apparent disdain she had for her husband’s physical touch while on their world tour, they are once again taking aim at the gilded lifestyle that has become synonymous with the Trump name. Bizarre, diamond eating photo shoots aside, the jokes almost write themselves

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