Melissa Harris-Perry’s Return To MSNBC Is Looking Less Likely By The Tweet

03.01.16 2 years ago 5 Comments
Melissa Harris-Perry

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This past Saturday, Melissa Harris-Perry stepped away from hosting her show on MSNBC. In an email that leaked on Friday, Harris-Perry wrote that she wasn’t going to work for a network that treated her show as “worthless” after it was repeatedly pre-empted for election coverage.

Since then and according to Vox, Harris-Perry has been in negotiations with MSNBC until 5 PM on Tuesday. Apparently, those negotiations didn’t go well, because Harris-Perry is now tweeting up a storm about how MSNBC has treated her.

Some of these tweets are defiantly celebratory:

She also put up a number of graphs about how her show brought diversity to cable news and political commentary:

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