Mexico Calls President Trump’s Wall An ‘Unfriendly, Hostile’ Act

04.26.17 12 months ago 4 Comments

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Despite reportedly caving on including funding for the border wall in an upcoming spending bill, President Trump still wants to start building the wall at some point and easing up on it right now doesn’t signal that it’s no longer a priority, got it?

Even though the wall may be indefinitely delayed, it seems that the issue will remain at the forefront of policy, especially if Trump’s pals in the Senate introduce go-nowhere bills that will keep the wall in the news cycle.

Luis Videgaray, Mexico’s foreign relations secretary, joined the chorus of wall detractors, calling the president’s plan an “unfriendly, hostile” act that undermines the good relationship enjoyed by the U.S. and Mexico. In a meeting with Mexican lawmakers, Videgaray also reiterated that Mexico would not be paying for any border wall.

The U.S. and Mexico currently cooperate in fighting drug cartels, but Videgaray said that if upcoming talks about immigration and trade with the U.S. go poorly, Mexico “will have to review our existing cooperation.” Videgaray also said the Mexican government was considering charging Americans a fee to enter Mexico in lieu of requiring a visa.

Between tariffs on Canadian goods and Mexico’s repeated pushback over the wall, it’s clear that the U.S. isn’t going to be able to steamroll its NAFTA partners.

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