Michael Moore Supports Hillary, But Thinks Bernie Would Have Wiped The Floor With Trump

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11.05.16 3 Comments

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Despite the Trump campaign’s misinterpretation of comments Michael Moore made in his new film TrumpLand, the documentary filmmaker is an avid supporter of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Yet the director of movies like Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11 previously supported Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders during his momentous campaign for the Democratic Party’s nomination, so when Variety asked him about this in a recent interview, Moore made no bones about his political preferences. He even went so far as to suggest Sanders would’ve trounced Trump with far less struggle than Clinton during the general election.

“I think Bernie should have won,” Moore explained. “We’d have a better chance. But we have an excellence chance with [Clinton], and I’m very excited about voting for her.”

When pressed for further clarification on his “should have won” comment, Moore and his interviewer briefly discussed a Sanders-Trump election in hypothetical terms:

Do you think Bernie would have easily defeated Trump?

Yes, absolutely, and without the baggage. Everybody acknowledges that. Come on.

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