Michael Moore And Glenn Beck Define Their Perspectives On This Election’s Dire Nature On ‘Meet The Press’

10.02.16 2 years ago 10 Comments

On Sunday morning, Meet the Press host Chuck Todd welcomed Michael Moore and Glenn Beck onto the show by calling them “anti-establishment voices from the left and right,” respectively. Moore and Beck were said to reflect the fact that, as Todd put it, “Republican voters right now are ignoring establishment opinion” by sticking with Trump, even as conservative thought leaders and newspapers ditch him and endorse Clinton. (Neither Moore nor Beck are Trump supporters.)

First, Todd spoke to Moore, who has been vocal about his belief that Trump will win the election in November. “I know after the debate you were, unlike many, thought Trump was successful in what he needed to do,” Todd said, asking Moore to explain his stance. “Everybody needs to have their game face on here and realize that Trump can win,” the filmmaker replied. “He can pull this off.”

“Everybody has to be full force here. Otherwise, it has a chance of happening. And I’ve lived long enough to know … I never thought a B actor whose co-star was a chimpanzee would ever be president of the United States. Or George W. Bush, who was just completely not there himself, that he could ever get elected. Well, I take this seriously now. So I don’t just — Trump is not just comedy to me. I think that people see that he is maybe their messenger. Even though they don’t necessarily like him or agree with him so much, I think that they love the idea of blowing up the system.”

Asked whether he thinks voters simply don’t trust Democrats anymore, Moore answered affirmatively. “I don’t think people do trust the Democrats,” he said. “How else could a socialist win 22 states?” Calling a vote for Hillary Clinton a “bitter pill to swallow,” he insisted, “you better take your medicine, because the opposite is going to be much, much worse.”

Next, Todd received former Fox News host Glenn Beck, who has become something of a pariah on his former network for voicing opposition to Trump. Beck seemed to be in disbelief that he and Moore agreed and conceded that More had accurately “diagnosed the problem in the country.” He went on, “Everybody feels like there’s a play going on, and we’re just watching it and looking at each other and shaking our heads in disbelief … In fact, it’s almost as if we’re standing outside and we’re not being invited to this party at all.” Beck’s interview ended with a long tirade:

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