Michael Moore Pens An Open Letter Urging Ivanka Trump To Help Her ‘Deranged’ Dad

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Even for Donald Trump, it’s been one heck of a week.

A number of major Republican donors are crossing the streams, so to speak, and donating to Hillary Clinton. He heavily implied that only the “Second Amendment people” could do something (wink, wink) to stop his political rival, triggering a response from the Secret Service. His national spokesperson Katrina Pierson is spewing gibberish on live television. He called President Barack Obama the “founder of ISIS,” and Clinton, “the co-founder.”

No wonder Michael Moore is asking Ivanka Trump to stop her “deranged” dad.

Of all the human Demogorgons that boast the last name Trump, Ivanka is the most level-headed. At the Republican National Convention, she “devoted a portion of her speech to women’s issues.” She even “highlighted the importance of putting mothers first and the gender wage gap,” which sounds very … Democratic? In an open letter on Alternet, Moore, the director of Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11, reached out to Ivanka, who seems “to be a very smart and together woman.” Moore thinks Donald will listen to his daughter (not the one with the pop song), and he has a message.

Every day he continues his spiral downward — and after his call for gun owners to commit acts of violence against Mrs. Clinton, it is clear he needs help, serious help. His comments and behavior have become more and more bizarre and detached from reality. He is in need of an intervention. And I believe only you can conduct it. (Via)

Moore even helpfully, with assistance from a former counselor and social worker, provided a transcript of what Ivanka can say to Donald, including, “You built a family that loves you. I want that dad back! And I worry that, if you don’t stop now, neither you nor the country will ever recover.”

Hell, this week might not even recover at the rate Trump’s going.

(Via Alternet)

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