The Entire VP Debate Comes Down To One Video Of Mike Pence Lying About Things Trump Actually Said

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10.05.16 27 Comments

The Donald Trump campaign’s lifeblood is the morning after PR spin. We have seen Trump hurl outrageous rhetoric on the campaign trail and his team try to find the silver lining out of it. That mindset was in full force during the vice presidential debates on Tuesday, with Mike Pence in denial mode. But this video from The Briefing points out that Pence’s lies were easily fact checked.

Pence went toe to toe with Tim Kaine on Tuesday, with the vice presidential debate transforming into a mansplaining shouting match. Moderator Elaine Quijano appeared from the get go to be in a defensive mode to corral the two vice presidential selections. The biggest takeaway from the event may have been Pence trying to defend Trump. Throughout the debate, Pence seemed to be directly contradicting some of Trump’s policies, including immigration and nuclear weapons. Pence also contradicted himself in denying he said Russian President Vladimir Putin was a better leader than Barack Obama, which he has said on the record. And this montage worked well to illustrate the discrepancies at hand.

Pence held his own against Kaine, with some even stating he ended up the victor. But it hasn’t been discovered what metric, algorithm or Nate Silver-type system these debate judges are using to determine a winner. But Trump is reportedly miffed with Pence’s performance, and this string of contradictions may not help his case.

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