Milwaukee Erupts Into Protests And Violence Following Another Deadly Shooting By Police

08.14.16 2 years ago 3 Comments

Another deadly shooting by police officers, this time in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, sparked protests and violence overnight, leaving businesses burning and citizens looking for answers. The violence stems from an incident earlier in the evening when police chased and shot a suspect following a traffic stop according to the Associated Press:

Capt. Mark Stanmeyer says officers stopped a car with two people inside Saturday. He says the pair got out of the car and ran and that the officers chased them. He says a 23-year-old man who was one of the people fleeing was armed with a handgun and was shot by an officer during the pursuit. The man’s name wasn’t immediately released. Stanmeyer says the man died at the scene. He says the handgun was determined to be stolen.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett addressed the media and public following the shooting, noting that the police involved in the incident were wearing body cameras, but the footage was not released at the time. Barrett and the police declined to identify the officers involved or the race of the suspect, but did note that the 24-year-old officer had been placed on “administrative duty.”

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