MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Examines Why Trump Was Not Hindered By His Sexual Assault Allegations

10.11.17 9 months ago

The past few years have seen the chickens come home to roost for men who have abused their positions of power to sexually harass or assault women. Dozens of accusers pointed the finger at Bill Cosby, who was eventually charged with sexual assault. Roger Ailes was forced to resign from Fox News a year before the habitually accused Bill O’Reilly was also ousted amid allegations. And now, of course, dozens of women are coming forward in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal. So why, then — as MSNBC host Chris Hayes pointed out Tuesday night — if all of these men have faced repercussions for their predatory behavior, was Donald Trump given a pass?

“Almost exactly one year ago the famous Access Hollywood was released, which we don’t need to play because everyone remembers that tape, and what Trump said in it,” Hayes remarked. “But what is not always remembered is what happened right after that tape was released. Woman after woman came forward, nearly a dozen in all, accusing Donald Trump of inappropriate behavior and sexual assault.” And yet, while Harvey Weinstein has been fired from his own company and his wife has announced she’s leaving him, Trump was elected President of the United States and will presumably not have to answer for his alleged crimes.

Worse yet, after these women came forward, Trump openly disparaged them at campaign rallies, claiming that he was going to take legal action against them after the election, as Hayes rolled a montage of the president insulting his accusers. Hayes welcomed onto the program Irin Carmon of the Washington Post Outlook and former Hillary Clinton campaign advisor Jess McIntosh to discuss why Trump has not and likely will not be held accountable — but in short there’s no easy answer.

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