This U.S. Marine Trolled Donald Trump With His ‘Muslim ID’ To Mic-Dropping Effect

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11.21.15 5 Comments
Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Dallas

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Donald Trump spends much of his time making fun of other people — including a relentless tirade against Megyn Kelly after she dared to ask hard questions during the Fox News GOP debate — on Twitter. So, it’s only fair that the Internet is hitting back at Trump after his promises to set up a Muslim database. Though Trump has (sort of) backpedaled, no one really buys that talk. The first thing out of Trump’s mouth is always what he really means, so people aren’t interested in handing out instant forgiveness here.

Over on Twitter, a party is underway. People are tweeting photos of their “Muslim IDs,” and maybe someone in the Trump camp will take notice. Ahhh, probably not, but the sentiment remains. It all started with this message from Tayyib M. Rashid, a U.S. Marine, with a shoutout to the bloviator.

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