The National Enquirer Allegedly Paid A Trump Mistress $150K For The Rights To Her Story And Sat On It

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11.05.16 8 Comments

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According to a new report by The Wall Street Journal, American Media Inc. — the company that owns the National Enquirer — allegedly purchased the rights to a story by a possible Trump mistress for $150K and then never ran it. The Wall Street Journal alleges that AMI purchased the story as an example of “catch and kill” by the tabloid — quashing the story and ensuring it doesn’t see the light of the day. All of this comes despite several accusers going public with claims of sexual abuse against Trump.

The story in question involves former Playboy playmate Karen McDougal and her alleged consensual relationship with Trump in 2006, during a period when the candidate was married to Melania Trump. According to The Wall Street Journal, the company denies paying for the story:

In a written statement, the company said it wasn’t buying Ms. McDougal’s story for $150,000, but rather two years’ worth of her fitness columns and magazine covers as well as exclusive life rights to any relationship she has had with a then-married man. “AMI has not paid people to kill damaging stories about Mr. Trump,” the statement said.

Hope Hicks, a Trump campaign spokeswoman, said of the agreement with Ms. McDougal: “We have no knowledge of any of this.” She said that Ms. McDougal’s claim of an affair with Mr. Trump was “totally untrue.”

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