What We Know About The Alleged Naval Medical Center Shooter In San Diego (Updated)

News Editor
01.26.16 5 Comments

(UPDATE: The situation appears to be a false alarm, as authorities found no evidence of an active shooter in the reported incident, which was widely reported by the mainstream media. Investigators are continuing their extensive search of the Balboa Medical Center in San Diego.)

As this video from CNN shows, a developing situation has been reported on the premises of the Naval Medical Center in San Diego. On Tuesday morning, the center’s Facebook page indicated an active shooter at Building 26 on the Balboa Naval Medical Center campus. Occupants were reportedly urged to “run, hide, or fight.” Police and other officials are monitoring the scene as the situation continue, and we are updating accordingly.

As one of the largest military health care providers in the country, the Balboa Medical Center serves both active duty personnel and family members, and the campus serves more than 1 million patients per year.

Early reports indicated three shots fired (per KSTU anchor Jeff McAdam on Twitter), although confirmation had not yet arrived with news crews landing on the scene.

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