North Korea Claims To Have Developed A More Advanced Nuclear Weapon

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09.02.17 2 Comments

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A new report from North Korea’s official news agency KCNA is making a big claim about the country’s weaponry. It’s the latest bit of muscle flexing in North Korea’s sabre-clashing with eager engager President Donald Trump.

State media reports that Kim Jong Un was on-hand to oversee the country’s more advanced take on the hydrogen bomb. An undated photo of the North Korean leader “providing guidance” with the hydrogen bomb accompanied the claim. The report states that Kim inspected a hydrogen bomb that will be loaded on a new intercontinental ballistic missile “with great destructive power.” North Korea has attempted to increase its nuclear capabilities in the face of international criticism and sanctions.

The state news report arrives as the U.S. and North Korea remain entangled in nuclear brinksmanship. Trump has stated that “all options are on the table” in how to handle North Korea, although Secretary of Defense General Mattis has stressed that America will take a more diplomatic approach than the one the president is presenting.

North Korea’s recent missile launch over Japan was billed as preparation for a potential strike on Guam. The United States and South Korea responded with a mock strike drill over the Korean peninsula.

There has been no independent verification of KCNA’s claim at his time.

(Via Reuters & KCNA)

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