North Korea Reportedly Conducts Its First Missile Test Since Donald Trump Became President

Entertainment Writer
02.11.17 5 Comments

Following promises to ramp up testing at the start of the year, North Korea has reportedly conducted their first intermediate range ballistic missile test of 2017. The test is the first since Donald Trump became President of the United States and comes on the heels of a meeting between the president and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe that called on the DPRK to abandon its nuclear and missile programs.

According to CNN, the State Department is aware of the launch and is “monitoring the situation carefully,” while others feel this is the nation’s first step towards an intercontinental ballistic missile test:

“That’s the goal of the North Korean politicians,” [Retired Lt. General Mark Hertling] said. “This intermediate ballistic missile is certainly dangerous. It has a greater range than some of the Musudan missiles that they have been testing prior to that. And it’s not only a concern for the United States to hit the mainland, but it also has concerns for all of our Asia partners.”

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