NYPD Officers Almost Hit A Postal Worker’s Truck And Then They Arrested Him

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03.24.16 9 Comments

On Wednesday, Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams held a press conference to ask the NYPD for assistance with an incident that took place last week. A mailman, Glenn Grays, was on duty when an unmarked police car drove too close (and almost hit) his truck. He reportedly shouted in response, which is what folks tend to do when their vehicles are nearly struck. Some would even call this an involuntary reflex. Adams says what came next was worthy of disciplinary action against several police officers.

Grays, clad in a postal uniform, emerged from his vehicle to deliver a package. Likewise, four plainclothes officers stepped out of their car and approached the mailman. The officers began to cuff him, and when Grays did not immediately cooperate, he received a “Stop resisting! You’re going to get hurt if you don’t give me your f*cking hands.” They arrested him and left the mail truck completely unattended, which is a violation of federal law. Most of the action was recorded on a cell-phone camera, and Adams — who is a former officer — reviewed the video during the press conference. He calls this a “questionable arrest” for these reasons:

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