Mexico Has Been Hit By A Large 6.1 Magnitude Aftershock As Rescue Operations Continue

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Just days after a devastating 7.1 magnitude earthquake rocked Mexico City, killing over 200 people, on Saturday morning just after 8:00 a.m., the southern state of Oaxaca was hit with another quake that’s currently being calculated at a 6.2 magnitude. According to the AP, the director of Mexico’s disaster agency says that Saturday morning’s earthquake is an aftershock of the 8.1 quake that hit on September 7 off the country’s southern coast.

In an area that’s already seen so much devastation, local residents are on edge, prompting them to flee homes and buildings.

Alejandra Castellanos was on the second floor of a hotel in a central neighborhood and ran down the stairs and outside with her husband. In her words, “I was frightened because I thought, not again!”

Nataniel Hernandez lives in Tonala, one of the cities hardest hit by an earlier, Sept. 7 quake, which struck off the coast of southern Mexico with a magnitude of 8.1. He said by phone that it was one of the strongest movements he has felt since then. But he adds, “Since Sept. 7 it has not stopped shaking.”

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