President Obama Stomps All Over Marco Rubio For Denying Climate Change In Florida

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10.21.16 6 Comments

On Thursday, President Obama visited Florida to do some campaigning and proceeded to call out Senator Marco Rubio. Obama poked fun at the Florida senator’s hypocritical support of Donald Trump and his views on climate change. The president was in Florida to help campaign for Rubio’s opponent, U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy, who is behind in the polls.

On Monday, during a debate between Rubio and Murphy, Rubio said he would continue to support mitigation efforts but not cut carbon emissions. The state and specifically his hometown of Miami have seen a drastic rise in sea levels, but Rubio has seemed to be putting off these issues. Rubio is known for his anti-environmental views, and Obama used this as a selling point for Murphy:

“Unlike his opponent, Patrick actually believes in science and believes in the effects of climate change. Just the other night in their debate, Marco Rubio did not accept that sea levels are rising, and if you’re watching TV or you are going down some of the blocks here in Miami, in the middle of a sunny day and you see the ocean coming up through the streets, how can you deny what is right in front of you? I thought he was from Miami.”

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