President Obama Likens A Trump Presidency To A ‘Saturday Night Live’ Skit

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01.12.16 4 Comments

Matt Lauer spoke with President Barack Obama in a Today interview that aired Tuesday, just ahead of the president giving his final State of the Union address. Discussing his presidential legacy, Lauer reminds Obama (around the 4:00 mark in the above clip) of how his message of hope and change helped get him elected after the Bush years, and asks if he thinks his administration is partially responsible for the message Donald Trump is currently winning over voters with.

Here’s what Obama had to say:

Talk to me if he wins, then we’ll have a conversation about how responsible I feel about it. But I’m pretty confident that the overwhelming majority of Americans are looking for the kind of politics that does feed our hopes and not our fears, that does work together and doesn’t try to divide us. That isn’t looking for a simplistic solutions and a scapegoating, but looks to buckling down and figuring out how do we makes things work for the next generation.

Following up, Lauer asks Obama if, when giving his final State of the Union, whether he’ll be able to imagine Trump doing the same some day:

Well, I can imagine it in a Saturday Night Live skit. Um, look. Anything’s possible, and I think we shouldn’t be complacent.

That’s probably about as diplomatic of an answer as to be expected. Biden isn’t as quick to write Trump off, though, later telling Lauer in a followup segment that he thinks a Trump presidency is possible, but hopes he’ll get “a lot more serious about the issues” if elected. At the very least we can hope that he’ll cut the Mean Girls crap with Megyn Kelly.

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