Chaotic Video Footage Shows A Shooting At Dallas Love Field Airport

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06.10.16 10 Comments

The Dallas Love Field airport transformed into madness on Friday afternoon when gunfire rang out near the baggage claim area. The airport went on full lockdown after an eyewitness video showed the incident as it occurred. People can be heard screaming in the background of the clip as one man cries, “Oh my god.” The camera swerves away while officers rush to the area to apprehend a suspect.

The Dallas Morning News reports that one person — who is believed to be a suspect — was shot and rushed to a nearby hospital. No other injuries have been reported among the officers and civilians on the scene.

The incident reportedly began around 1:20 p.m. EST, and the suspect’s status and name have not been revealed at this time. Portions of the airport have been cleared, although baggage claim remains under lockdown. To further complicate matters, the shooting prompted a panic that caused passengers to flee the TSA security area. The airport foresees major delays as a result of this incident, as all passengers will have to be rescreened.

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