Oregon Militant Ryan Bundy Warns Of A Future Standoff: ‘The Government Should Be Scared’

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11.02.16 11 Comments

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Leaders of the Oregon-based Bundy Militia said they will “continue to stand” for their rights. This statement comes on the heels of seven members being acquitted of charges stemming from a standoff in January.

In January, leader Ammon Bundy and other militia members occupied a wildlife refuge while saying they were taking the ultimate stand against a corrupt government. The group destroyed property in the area but soon surrendered after one member, LaVoy Finicum, was killed after charging at agents, who were sent to quell the mini-rebellion. Bundy and six other members of the militia were brought up on a number of charges including possessing guns in a federal facility and conspiring to impede federal employees. The trial dragged on with the members ultimately being found not guilty.

Now that they have evaded the long arm of the law, they are setting their sights on bigger and better things. Ammon and his brother Ryan remain in jail for charges related to their 2014 standoff at their father’s Nevada ranch but believe their group still has work to do. When Ryan was asked if the group plans another standoff, he confirmed enthusiastically:

“Absolutely! That’s the best thing in the world for [people] to do. Read the Declaration of Independence. It says right there that if the government becomes abusive, it’s our right and our duty to abolish that government. If the government won’t restrain itself, whatever happens is their own fault.”

It’s a frightening declaration from the group that has shown it will go to any means to get their message across. Prosecutors have not said if they will be dropping remaining charges against the Bundys.

(Via CBS News, The Washington Post & KOIN 6 News)

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