This Heroic Orlando Clubgoer Single-Handedly Saved Another Man’s Life

Film/TV Editor

Posted by Joshua McGill on Monday, January 18, 2016

The full day that has elapsed since the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting has seen many revelations. Initial details included a death toll of 50 with at least that many others injured. A SWAT team also killed the alleged shooter, Omar Saddiqui Mateen, who brandished a semi-automatic rifle. At least three people who knew Mateen — his father, ex-wife, and former co-worker — have all vouched for his violent and homophobic nature. The FBI continues to seek concrete answers as the media persists in digging into Mateen’s past.

Throughout the whole ordeal, a few beacons of hope remained. Donations — both of the blood and monetary variety — went sky high. Some eyewitnesses also revealed what went on inside the club. The second account (which you can see below) reveals even more grueling details that one can imagine. The first story involves heroics on the part of Joshua McGill. In this Facebook posting, he revealed how he saved a man named Rodney, who had been shot. McGill used his shirt to stop the victim’s bleeding, and he doesn’t know whether Rodney is recovering well from his wounds. So, McGill is getting the word out and hopes one of Rodney’s friends will respond.

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