United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz Loses Out On A Promotion In The Fallout From His ‘Re-Accommodation’ Controversy

04.22.17 11 months ago 2 Comments

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United CEO Oscar Munoz is still feeling the backlash from the April 9th incident that saw a doctor dragged from a United flight. While Munoz attempted to explain the incident in multiple ways, including defending his employees and labeling the bloodied doctor as “disruptive and belligerent,” something that videos circulating brought into question, he quickly entered into damage-control mode, profusely apologizing in numerous letters and public statements for “re-accommodating” the passengers. By then, the damage had been done and United is likely facing a huge lawsuit from the victim.

Now Munoz is being re-accommodated himself within the United organization according to the New York Times, with the airline announcing he will no longer take on the role as company chairman, as his contract previously had called for.

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