Memorial Events And Tension Mark The Anniversary Of The Paris Terror Attacks

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As the one year anniversary of the Paris Terror Attacks approaches, France is still a bit on edge, but organizations are trying to help citizens reel from the tragedy.

The ISIS attack, which killed 130 people, is still fresh in people’s minds. Many residents are on edge from what they saw and think the country as a whole is feeling tense. But the French government appears to be taking steps to prepare themselves if another attack occurs. NBC New York reported French authorities are working with security forces from around the world and representatives from the New York Police Department to help stop a potential future attack. Luca Augé told The Guardian the attacks have affected everyone and politicians are seeing this as an opportunity to speak up:

“France has changed dramatically since the attacks. Politicians had been making a discourse out of what it means to be French for years. But since the attacks, every party, and every politician has something to say, good and for bad. The whole political debate gravitates around what defines the fundamentals of French society and on what kind of social contract we all rely.”

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