Things Are Getting Ugly For Mylan Pharmaceutical After Their Outrageous Price Hike Of EpiPens

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08.21.16 5 Comments


It’s no secret that the pharmaceutical industry deals in some shady practices when it comes to medication prices. Most of the time, the common good and basic necessity win out over profit in the industry, but then moments come along that cause outrage beyond the imagination. We got a taste following the controversy surrounding Martin Shkreli and his former company, but now there’s a far more established example.

Mylan Pharmaceutical just hiked up the prices of EpiPens, taking them from $56 dollars wholesale to a little over $365. That’s a 544.77 percent change according to NBC News and it is not sitting well with many people who rely on the medicine:

“You are forcing many families to gamble with their children’s lives, when your costs haven’t gone up,” wrote one Facebook post. Others questioned why the prices in the U.S. were higher than other countries for the same medicine.

“Amazing that Epipen prices in CA & EU with prescription are about $85. No govt negotiated buy in US,” said another tweet.

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