Take A Look At This Horrendous Driver Attempting To Navigate A Parking Space And Failing Miserably

12.06.14 4 years ago 14 Comments

Normally I would think twice about posting a nearly four minute video of someone trying to pull out of a parking spot, but this one may be worth it. The clip labels the person as “Calgary’s worst driver” and the police seem to agree:

You sorta feel like someone screaming at the screen during a horror movie with every dingus move this guy makes. Not only does he back up into a car and nearly hit another one, he continues to pull an Austin Powers in his spot once the neighboring car has easily left the parking lot. From Global News:

After close to five minutes, the driver almost completes a full 360 to get of the the parking lot before driving away.

The driver of the grey SUV did not stop to let the owner of the red car know that they hit their vehicle.

Police confirm the incident in the video actually did occur in Calgary’s southeast, in the 4000 block of Manila Road.

Like the Tweet says, police are currently investigating the incident and have allegedly spoken to the folks involved (though I wasn’t sure if that meant the idiot driver). He almost gives Lucille Bluth a run for her money. Almost.

(Via Kidzidzi Kidzidzi / Global News)

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