Poor Tea Party birthers: We love rich Donald Trump

04.20.11 3 Comments

Over the past few years countless videos have hit the web that were taken at tea party rallies across the country, featuring a host of ass-backwards people saying a host of ass-backwards things. In such, these videos, revolting as they may be, have sort of become run of the mill, or unspectacular. But every now and then one you run across one and you can’t help but think, “Well damn…that’s some pretty spectacular stupid going on right there.” This is one of those times.

I mean, I knew that tea party folk were touching themselves to human horsesh*t dispenser Donald Trump — polls showing him as the GOP’s heavy favorite in 2012 pointed to that — but it’s just something else to hear these staggering jackasses spout their support for Trump, DONALD TRUMP, on camera. It’s so simultaneously hilarious and frightening. And the soundtrack this whole thing is set to is perfect. Behold…

(via Mother Jones)

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