Protestors Across The Globe Participate In The ‘March For Truth’ Rallies That Are Taking Aim At Donald Trump

06.03.17 1 year ago 14 Comments

On Saturday, a reported 150 cities are expected to take part in a March For Truth, demonstrations focused on forcing an independent investigation of President Donald Trump and the alleged ties between Russia, his campaign, and his associates. Rallies are scheduled in major U.S. cities, including New York, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Boston and San Francisco, as well as cities around the world like London, Brussels, and Munich.

The March For Truth website says the objective of the protest efforts is to “let our elected leaders know that Americans want answers,” adding that “the legitimacy of our democracy is more important than the interests of any party, or any president.” The paramount goal of the protestors is to achieve the forcing of an independent commission established for the Russia investigations so that citizens of America can rest easy knowing that the results, whatever they may be, are fair and untainted. The marches are also pushing for Congress to force the release of the president’s tax return, a topic he has dodged throughout his campaign.

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