Rachel Maddow Says She Sees ’50/50′ Odds Between Clinton And Trump Right Now

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05.13.16 5 Comments

Just as the scroll found in George Washington’s grave predicted, there’s a very strong possibility of 2016’s big showdown for the White House being a Trump vs. Clinton affair. It’s a likely battle that Rachel Maddow has some thoughts on, including one preceded by the ominous words: “Liberals are going to freak out when I say this.”

The MSNBC host was a guest on Thursday’s edition of Late Night with Seth Meyers, a late-night television program that’s been doing a bang-up job this election season. Maddow dissected the mistakes the GOP establishment made in their strategy to outpace Donald Trump at the polls with a recommendation that Democrats need to learn something from these mistakes.

“A lot of the anti-Trump stuff, the way they tried to run against him was by saying, ‘he’s not a true conservative, he’s not been doctrinaire to all things that matter to the Republican party!’ Republican voters are like: (semi-rude gesture) ‘Hee hee! Who cares? Y’know? Like, we weren’t actually falling for that line you’ve been selling us for this time.’ “

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