Republican Congressman Brian Babin: ‘Sometimes A Lady Needs To Be Told When She’s Being Nasty’

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10.21.16 3 Comments

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The saga of Donald Trump’s “nasty woman” comment about Hillary Clinton from the third and final presidential debate continues. Why? On the one hand, the media can’t stop talking about how vile of a statement it was for the Republican nominee to make in the final moments of Wednesday’s debate in Las Vegas. On the other, Trump surrogates haven’t found a clever enough way by which to mask its negativity while defending their preferred candidate. Case in point, Republican Rep. Brian Babin of Texas, who spoke with Fox News Radio about the matter on Thursday.

According to CNN, radio show host Alan Colmes asked Babin whether or not he thought Trump’s “nasty woman” dig was “appropriate.” In response, the Texas congressman insisted “she’s saying some nasty things” and, when pressed for a yes or no answer by Colmes, chose the latter. “No, I think sometimes a lady needs to be told when she’s being nasty,” said Babin. “My assessment is that Mrs. Clinton has got so much baggage… I think she’s done some nasty things.”

Colmes, a liberal commentator employed by Fox News who previously co-hosted Hannity & Colmes with Sean Hannity, repeatedly pushed Babin for clarification. As a result, the Texas representative agreed with Trump’s assessment that Clinton was a “nasty woman.”

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