Torch-Wielding White Supremacists Chanted ‘Russia Is Our Friend’ At A Virginia Confederate Monument Rally

05.14.17 1 year ago 29 Comments

Last week, New Orleans removed the second of four Confederate statues as part of a move to dismantle Civil War-era relics across the South. Naturally, this has caused outrage among white supremacist/Nazi types like Richard Spencer, who led a torch-bearing mob in Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday night to “save” a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. The dude wasn’t subtle about making this look like a KKK-esque affair, for he purposely used a “torchlight” caption to broadcast his protest on Twitter.

Spencer, of course, is famous for being punched in the face and thrown out of CPAC, along with arguing that football should be abolished because it makes white people like black people. Although he reveled in the torch imagery, Jason Kessler (of the right-wing Daily Caller site) tried to paint with a subtler brush by calling this a “candlelit night march.” Nice try.

Charlottesville’s Daily Progress newspaper reported that police broke up a fight among protesters, although the overall atmosphere of the event was not violent. Instead, the group simply marched through Lee Park while spreading their message of intimidation, which included chants of “blood and soil” and (as seen in the below video from Allison Wrabel‏) “Russia is our friend.”

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