An Anti-Obama Activist Fatally Shoots His Co-Organizer During A Drunken Argument Over Guns

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Firearms Enthusiasts Practice Shooting At Gun Range

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A co-organizer of a right-wing march to “restore America” fatally shot his organizing partner and friend during a drunken dispute over a gun.

Raw Story reports that Paul Revere 2016 Final March To Restore America founder Vincent Smith shot Charles Carter in the head with a “spare gun,” after Carter pulled Smith’s main gun from his holster. U.S. Marshals ruled the incident as an act of self-defense. This information was provided by Bill Williamson, another right-wing associate, who tried to organize a 2 Million Bikers 2 DC rally at some point.

(FYI: These people are associated with the armed militia members who took over an Oregon wildlife refuge last week.)

The Paul Revere 2016 Final March To Restore America was designed to remove President Barack Obama and other politicians from office before the November elections. The march was to start on the West Coast and then continue to gather supporters who would eventually descend on Washington D.C. Another organizer resigned before this tragic incident took place.

The fatal shooting happened in Texas, which prohibits people from carrying guns while intoxicated. A right-wing colleague who knew both Smith and Carter said that the latter had violated one of the most important rules of firearm safety by mixing guns and booze.

(via Raw Story)

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