Grand Jury Subpoenas Have Been Served To Michael Flynn’s Associates As Part Of The Russia Inquiry

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On the same day that the Trump administration unceremoniously gave FBI Director James Comey the pink slip, with a major assist from AG Jeff Sessions, the FBI’s ongoing investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia and Putin moved forward in a huge way. Ever since last summer, the investigation has been a major point in almost every political conversation one way or another but there haven’t been any markedly important updates outside of partisan arguing over what is or isn’t true. Now though, grand jury subpoenas have officially been served to multiple associates for former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn in regards to his dealings with Russia.

According to CNN, the subpoenas were specifically served to “associates who worked with Flynn on contracts after he was forced out as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2014” but no one directly involved with the investigation (whether the US Attorney’s office, the FBI, or the Department of Justice) are currently commenting on the development. Flynn was fired from the Trump administration in February of this year.

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