Russian Police Arrest Hundreds Of Anti-Corruption Protesters During Rallies Against Putin’s Government

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On Sunday, nearly 100 cities across Russia saw anti-corruption rallies take place against President Vladimir Putin’s government. The collective effect is being called the largest demonstration against Putin since 2012 (when he was plagued by accusations of voter fraud). No official tally exists on the total number of Sunday protesters across the country. However, Bloomberg cites a 60,000 estimate that was broadcast by independent Moscow radio station Ekho Moskvy (which is not part of the notorious Russia state media).

Riot police were out in full force and clashed violently with rally attendees who brandished anti-government signs and chanted in unison. Hundreds of protesters — men, women, children, and the elderly alike — landed in custody. In Moscow alone, over 700 people were arrested, and these videos show the breadth of the crowd gathered outside St. Petersburg Palace Square, where roughly 10,000 protesters made their presence known.

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