Some Republicans And Even Some Prominent Trump Supporters Are Freaking Out Over The Whole Russia Thing

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12.11.16 27 Comments

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On Friday, President Obama ordered a full investigation of election results to determine whether Russians hacked voting machines. This declaration was followed by excerpts from a secret CIA report that claimed Russia did much more to influence the election. Now, some Republicans, including prominent supporters of Donald Trump, are freaking out over claims that a hostile foreign power did plenty to get their preferred candidate elected.

These alleged maneuvers included hacking thousands of DNC emails and handing them to Wikileaks to harm Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning. The New York Times adds that Russia also hacked RNC emails but “conspicuously” didn’t leak them to the public. Trump has waved aside these concerns and insisted, “It’s now time to move on.” He also simply doesn’t believe the CIA report’s claims that Russia helped him get elected.

Well, the floodgates are opening all over Twitter, but first, four senators — including Republicans John McCain and Lindsey Graham, along with Democrats Chuck Schumer and Jack Reed — released a joint statement:

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