Samantha Bee Lashes Out At Fox And Friends For Helping To Stoke Fear Following The London Terror Attack

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06.08.17 7 Comments

Donald Trump’s Twitter tirade against London Mayor Sadiq Khan helped kick off the latest episode of Full Frontal, giving Samantha Bee plenty of fuel for rage considering the circumstances. The former Daily Show correspondent lashed out at Trump for his tweets against Khan and the need for his travel ban before moving on to the president’s pals over at Fox And Friends.

The morning staple at the cable news channel has been a diehard support tool for the president throughout his campaign and into his first term, giving him various pats on the back and defending his stances any time they’re brought into question. This has pretty much been non-stop, so it isn’t a surprise that vocal critics refer to the network as “state media” and give the chatterboxes on Fox And Friends as much grief as possible.

It is definitely warranted in the days following the London attacks, though. While people in the UK were ready to move on and not let some jackholes in a van ruin their lives, the media here were prepared to light a candle and fear the worst for ol’ Albion. Fox And Friends did their part by tossing Islam under the bus repeatedly, using Dr. James Mitchell and the waterboarded admissions of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed as evidence we’re not safe, and all that talk about internment camps.

It’s safe to say that Samantha Bee is no fan. She proposes a different path for the president to keep America safe from the threat of terrorism, suggesting that the president fill his administration and read up on running the government. Then she repeats Hillary Clinton’s Twitter moment in the sun by telling the president to delete his f*cking Twitter account. We might not have anything to talk about if he does that, but the world might be a little less dramatic.

(Via Full Frontal)

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