Samantha Bee Meets The Odd Souls Who Want To Fight Corruption As Trump’s Poll Watchers

Entertainment Writer
10.06.16 2 Comments

Full Frontal’s VP debate special attempted to give some life to the showdown between Mike Pence and Tim Kaine, but it’s tough to pull blood from the dad joke stone when the next day has brought more Trump news to grab everybody’s attention. So instead of spending too much time on the junior debate, Bee devotes her second special to discussing the possible horrors of a Trump presidency and what his supporters are doing to ensure that happens.

Bee sent the Full Frontal team out to a Trump rally to get to the bottom of something that the candidate has warned about since the early days of his campaign: voter fraud and election rigging. He’s even stated that if he loses in November, the entire thing will have likely been rigged and he might have to cause a fuss. But to avoid that, he’s enlisted his supporters to be unofficial Trump Poll Watchers, making sure everything is going right at the polls. It might sound like intimidation, but that’s apparently not the case according to Trump’s official website.

It is definitely reassuring to hear one of the folks supporting the GOP nominee say they’re going to take their country back through the vote or by another revolution.

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