A Sandy Hook Victim’s Mother Squarely Blames Congress For The Las Vegas Massacre

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10.02.17 7 Comments

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As Americans continue to process news of the Las Vegas massacre — during which Stephen Paddock killed over 58 people and injured over 515 others before law enforcement located him in his Mandalay Bay hotel room — talk of other mass shootings is resurfacing within collective discussion. Throughout, people wonder how, if ever, these tragedies can be prevented.

One voice particular is ringing strong throughout the chaos. Nelba Marquez-Greene (whose 6-year-old daughter was one of 20 children, along with six adults, killed by Adam Lanza during the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown, Connecticut) spoke out in a long string of tweets while reacting to yet another senseless tragedy. In doing so, she called out those who hope to blame President Trump or the media for Paddock’s actions. Instead, Marquez-Greene says that the Las Vegas violence is “on every congressperson who said in ’13: There is simply nothing we could do.”

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