We Dare You To Make Sense Of The Things That Come Out Of Sarah Palin’s Mouth

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Another election, another round of Sarah Palin acting bizarre. She may have resigned her gubernatorial post years ago, but now that Sarah’s been tapped to publicly endorse fellow reality star and presidential candidate Donald Trump, she is back in the public eye once again. And once again, her rhetoric is absolutely bonkers in the truest sense of the word. If anybody can figure out what she’s trying to articulate in some of her public appearances, please let us know (as we are currently at a loss as to what point she is making).

Even if we were to only take her most recent speeches into account, she’s made some outlandish claims that make zero sense. First, she blamed Obama for her son’s domestic violence charge by insinuating that war (which she supports) made him do it. Not to say that PTSD isn’t a huge problem in the States, but there are certainly better ways to express that sentiment. Then, she asserted that “the only way to stop a bad guy with a nuke is a good guy with a nuke,” which is odd, seeing as bad guys have been prevented from using nukes via negotiation and political tactics for decades now.

Plus, who could forget her lack of magazine knowledge in a now-infamous interview with Katie Couric? Taken individually, any of these moments could be chalked up to absentmindedness or getting tongue tied. As a whole, they represent a pattern. Give it a shot and try to figure out what she’s attempting to say, we dare you.

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