Several People Have Been Shot And At Least Two Killed At A Kentucky High School

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At least two people have been killed after a shooter opened fire at Marshall County high school in Benton, Kentucky. The school went on lockdown early this morning, shutting both of its entrances and blocking parental access, according to CNN and local NBC News affiliate WPSD, which reported a heavy law enforcement presence on the scene. Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin confirmed the news on Twitter while urging people to avoid speculation.

At least 19 injured people (most of them being students, caught in the gunfire) have been transported to local hospitals, and a shooter is said to be in custody, although details on the gunman’s identity are scarce at this time.

NBC notes that the suspect was apprehended in the school’s cafeteria, per Ellis County Sheriff Charles Edge, who added that a .380 caliber semi-automatic handgun was used during the shooting and is now in evidence. Meanwhile, Kentucky State Police Detective Jody Cash told CBS News that the “situation is secure and is no longer active.” However, parents are being cautioned to avoid the scene, and students have been transported to an off-site location to be picked up.

An unconfirmed posting on the school’s Facebook page indicates that the shooter may have opened fire in the school’s commons area. This shooting arrives a day after a 16-year-old Texas student allegedly shot a classmate in a high school cafeteria.

Authorities haven’t revealed any evidence of a motive on the gunman’s behalf.

This is a developing story, and we will provide additional details as they arrive.

(Via CNN, WPSD-NBC & CBS News)

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