Sean Hannity And Megyn Kelly ‘Made Up’ After Their Public Spat, But People Call Shenanigans

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For a few weeks, Megyn Kelly has been making not-so-subtle comments on the air about how Donald Trump will sit with Sean Hannity for an interview anytime. The theory behind this is that everyone knows that he’s a major Trump fan. He acts as an informal adviser to the Republican nominee, and Trump even used him as a lifeline (did anyone ever call Sean Hannity?) during the first debate. Hannity recently told the New York Times that he’s not a journalist, so he imagines that his close ties to Trump aren’t an ethical problem. He’s also appeared in a Trump ad and has provided assistance for Trump to try to rewrite his Iraq war stance.

So, Hannity doesn’t care what you think, but he was very bothered by Kelly’s comments. Things escalated on Wednesday night, and Hannity accused Kelly of supporting Clinton. All of this was not a good look for Fox News, which is undergoing so much upheaval after Roger Ailes’ ousting and all the fallout from Gretchen Carlson’s sexual-harassment suit. And with all the rumors that Kelly is looking elsewhere after her contract expires in 2017, the squabble reflected extra poorly on the channel. So, it’s not hard to imagine that those in charge at the cable news network told these kids to take a friendly photo.

Indeed, they did “make up” and do so for whatever reason. Kelly tweeted the above image, and the plot thickened when Hannity tweeted the same photo. Like Kelly, he also maintained that they were both “Irish” and “complicated” along with being friends.

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